UNO & VeeFriends

The VeeFriends x UNO first-of-its-kind collaboration gives the VeeFriends community a chance to own physical VeeFriends collectibles!

17 total characters come to life in UNO - the same name and game that we love, now with a VeeFriends twist!

VeeFriends UNO Special Gameplay Cards

VeeFriends UNO is played the same as the traditional game, but every deck features special gameplay cards that will bring some fun twists and turns to every VeeFriends UNO game played!
How to play UNO

UNO Rules

Meet the 17 VeeFriends featured in UNO!

Characters Included:

  • Sweet Swan
  • Charming Cheetah
  • Positive Porcupine
  • Modest Moose
  • Productive Puffin
  • Gary Bee
  • Practical Peacock
  • Faithful Pheasant
  • Prudent Polar Bear
  • Yolo Yak
  • Enamoured Emu
  • Dynamic Dinosaur
  • Genuine Giraffe
  • Resourceful Robin
  • Turnt Tick
  • Sharing Squirrel
  • Wild Wallaby

Check your Spectacular Foil Card!

UNO Special Cards

Each deck contains one randomly inserted collectible Spectacular Foil Card! There are 17 total Spectacular Foil Cards to collect! Spectacular types include Hologram, Diamond, Gold, Lava, and Bubble Gum, and some cards are harder to find than others!

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